Midtown Fellowship

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Thank you so much for choosing to support church planting here in South Carolina.  Frankly speaking, I don't know that the church I now shepherd would exist without you.  Our church is located on an obscure road in inner-city Columbia, South Carolina. Some of the neighborhoods that we target with the Gospel of Jesus were featured on the series "Gangland" that was aired on the History Channel, as they highlighted the intense gang violence and drug trafficking in these neighborhoods in Columbia, South Carolina. These neighborhoods have severe poverty, lack of education, and very high rates of crime.  We've had the honor of baptizing 14 individuals since our church started. Janie Chapman State Missions Offering has allowed us to continue to be faithful witnesses for Christ in these neighborhoods where there is so much need.

In June our church hosted a health fair, as there are many health care discrepancies in these types of neighborhoods.  We were able to get Palmetto Health Hospital to come out and do over 30 free health screenings for members of this community.  Since the health fair, we have had 4 more members of the community be consistently involved in our church's Sunday worship services and in our LifeGroups.  God used this event to connect our church with this community, and God used the Janie Chapman State Missions Offering to allow our church to exist.