Text Message from Connecticut

Each evening Disaster Relief teams send in a Daily Report to provide the state DR office with information from their work for that day. Normally the Unit Leader submits the report through an online reporting system. One South Carolina team leader working in Connecticut, however, was not familiar with using the online system, so he sent a text message each evening …

Disaster Relief

While the storm was blowing, one man was pulling into his driveway. He could see trees falling in front of him, so he tried to back out, but ran into a tree that had just fallen behind him. Then he could see a tree coming down right at him, so he pulled the lever to recline his seat just before it hit. Miraculously, he was not injured.

 In talking with our DR volunteers that were working in his yard weeks later, the man commented that either Someone was trying to get him, or Someone was watching over him. They responded that if God had been out to get him, he wouldn’t be here today! Now this gentleman, who previously had no interest in spiritual matters, is open to conversations about faith in God.

Partnership in Greece Serves Refugees with the Love of Jesus

The ongoing European refugee crisis is no longer front-page news, but South Carolina Baptists have not forgotten about those who continue to live in heartbreaking circumstances as they are made to flee their homelands. In late May, twenty volunteers on two different South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) teams returned from trips serving refugees living in Greece. The relief missions are another way for South Carolina Baptists to give all people groups, around the world, the opportunity to hear the hope of the gospel.

From South Carolina to the Ends of the Earth

I then opened the New Testament I had brought to 1 John 5:13 and had him read it. I asked him if knowing we have eternal life is possible if we must work for it. He thought about that but didn’t answer. I then had him read Matthew 5:48 about God’s standard being perfection. I said that if we want to work for salvation, we must be perfect – it’s impossible. He agreed.


More than 100 South Carolina Baptist Convention Churches have received training in Compassion Ministries this year. Because of these trainings, multitudes of new ministries now exist:  Multi-housing ministries, ESL ministries, School partnerships, After-School Programs and on and on the list goes. These trainings and the ongoing support offered to new ministries are made possible because of the Janie Chapman Offering.

Conversational English Ministries

First Baptist Church, Hardeeville was committed to finding opportunities to serve the whole community, even if it was going to take some additional training and education. The church now has a growing relationship with many in the community who they previously did not know. Friendships are forming, English is being learned and Christ is being proclaimed. This type of ministry would not exist without the Janie Chapman Offering.