Reconcile Community Church

As we prayed and searched for places to meet in our community that, Kentland Park Baptist Church opened its doors for us to use for our Sunday services on Sunday nights and also to allow us to have a community meal during the week. Since the church is situated in the middle of a neighborhood, we have been able to meet, pray with and share the Gospel with people we would not have meet if Kentland Park had not opened its doors!

Rock Hill Dream Center Church

Since our launch we have had the honor of seeing nine people make public confessions of faith, be baptized and begin a 32-week discipleship process.

We believe our church has a simple but effective vision. “Communities transformed by the gospel as we love, serve, share and send.”

Uptown Church

At our first small group meeting in 2017, we started asking the question: what can we do to cast a larger net in the harvest? With over 8,000 people living in the neighborhoods surrounding our house, and over 7,000 of them with no church home, we were heartbroken at the pervasive lostness that defines our geography.

Creekside Church

Several months ago, our team sent a survey to over 400 of our closest neighbors in Goose Creek. Our two part survey was simple: "What event would you like to see in your neighborhood?" and "Why?" From all of the possible events, the main answer was "Block Party" and the main reason, "To meet my neighbors."

Midtown Fellowship

Our church is located on an obscure road in inner-city Columbia, South Carolina. Some of the neighborhoods that we target with the Gospel of Jesus were featured on the series "Gangland" that was aired on the History Channel, as they highlighted the intense gang violence and drug trafficking in these neighborhoods in Columbia, South Carolina.  In June our church hosted a health fair…

The Church at Blue Ridge

Earlier this summer one of our families moved into a cul-de-sac where two of our members already lived, right in the heart of Blue Ridge. It dawned on us that this would be the perfect subdivision to have our first block party. To be honest, we were not sure how the block party would turn out, or if anyone would even show up. But to our delight, several families from the neighborhood attended.

Ministerio Gracia - Grace Ministries

In its first 6 months, Ministerio Gracia from North Charleston has been able to, with the grace of the Lord, plant a church not only in North Charleston, but also in the City of Goose Creek. At the same time, we are preparing to plant a third church in Summerville.