Camp La Vida Essays

Camp La Vida, located in Winnsboro, South Carolina is owned and operated by South Carolina Woman’s Missionary Union, Auxiliary to South Carolina Baptist Convention. 

Money allocated from the Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions, Missions Education, and Great Commission Living provides for the operation and capital needs of Camp La Vida.

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During the summer of 2018, 1,250 campers attended Camp La Vida. There were 67 professions of faith made during the summer, along with 26 rededications, 37 commitments to mission service, 12 commitments to Christian service, 25 wanting to speak to their pastors about decisions, and 13 other decisions. A total of 180 decisions were made during the camping season. 

Campers attending Camp La Vida during the summer of 2018 were asked to share about their camping experiences as a part of the Camp La Vida Essay Contest. Listed below and on the following pages are the winning essays from the 2018 Camp La Vida Essay Contest.


Every story has a beginning or something that is a major plot twist. Camp La Vida was that switch to turn on a lightbulb. It brightened my world, my path, my mind, and even my heart. Five days with 13 amazing girls. All of them with different magical tales. Hannah, my cabin leader, Mirksa, Emma, Jada, Kalin, Kaylee, Madilyn, Lorena, Aston, Eva, Ella June, and Lauren gave me a time I can never forget. With the British accents and families, I found a part of myself I never knew I needed. Of course, camptivities, canteen, and the food was fun/great! I can totally see myself being a missionary now! All thank to Camp La Vida.

Taylor B., 13 years old
Essay Winner, June 11-15

Camp La Vida is special to me because of the staff. Every night, before we went to bed, our cabin leaders came around and hugged us and said they loved us. Whenever someone that I don’t’ know says they love me, I feel like they are just saying it to say it, or to make themselves look/feel good. But, with them, it was different. I felt like they actually did love us, because they loved God and they know God loves everyone. Well, that’s not exactly what I mean because I can’t put it into words exactly. All I really know how to say about the way I feel is that they made me feel liked they cared about me and everyone else. I think that’s really special, or it is to me anyway. I will remember my cabin leaders forever, just because they made me feel loved. It showed me how powerful God’s love is. So…yeah. All the staff, not just the cabin leaders, made me feel loved. When I got homesick, they didn’t make me feel stupid, like most people do. They made me feel like it was ok. There are countless other examples but I don’t have room for them.

                                                                                                         Morgan G., 12 years old
Essay Winner, June 11-15

Camp La Vida is special to me because you learn to worship God. They tell you how to pray, how to connect with God, and how to build a relationship with him. You also make new friends. Such as, cabin mates, counselors, staff, and people around the camp. With all sorts of people that will help you on your path to Jesus. We got to meet cool missionaries Who teach us how to change the world for the better! They also take time to plan activities to teach us about their awesome lifestyle. Those are just some of the reasons that Camp La Vida is special to me.                                                                        

Gretchen, 11 years old
Essay Winner, June 11-15

      Camp La Vida is special to me because this place is so fun. The leaders are so awesome, they are always ready to help you out when you need help. I have been going to camp for 3 years, and this has been the best year yet. The camptivities are so fun. I think every year I come I learn something new. Mrs. Cindy is so nice, she is always ready to help anybody when they need help. Mrs. Flory is so sweet and her food is amazing! When I come to camp I always feel loved, like everybody cares for you. I love camp, and one day I Hope to become a junior staffer, and maybe a leader. And that’s why I love Camp La Vida.

Kayleigh P., 13 years old
Essay Winner, June 11-15