Disaster Relief

Funds from the Janie Chapman Offering help to train volunteers to serve in the various ministry areas of Disaster Relief, so they know what to do to bring help, hope, and healing to people affected by disasters.

DR 1.png

These stories came from South Carolina Disaster Relief (DR) teams that served in Connecticut after multiple tornadoes hit there in May of 2018:

While the storm was blowing, one man was pulling into his driveway. He could see trees falling in front of him, so he tried to back out, but ran into a tree that had just fallen behind him. Then he could see a tree coming down right at him, so he pulled the lever to recline his seat just before it hit. Miraculously, he was not injured.


In talking with our DR volunteers that were working in his yard weeks later, the man commented that either Someone was trying to get him, or Someone was watching over him. They responded that if God had been out to get him, he wouldn’t be here today! Now this gentleman, who previously had no interest in spiritual matters, is open to conversations about faith in God.