Reconcile Community Church

Reconcile Community.png

Thank you so much for supporting church planting here in South Carolina! It takes more than one church planter to start a church; in fact, it takes multiple churches and caring folks like you! We planted Reconcile Community Church on the West Side of Greenville, which happens to be one of the highest concentrations of poverty in Greenville County. As we prayed and searched for places to meet in our community that, Kentland Park Baptist Church opened its doors for us to use for our Sunday services on Sunday nights and also to allow us to have a community meal during the week. Since the church is situated in the middle of a neighborhood, we have been able to meet, pray with and share the Gospel with people we would not have meet if Kentland Park had not opened its doors!


By God’s grace, we recently had a first baptism at the church. A member of our church built a relationship with a young man from our community, who in turn began coming to church to hear the Gospel and be discipled. We baptized him and another young man in the front yard of Kentland Park Baptist Church! Neighbors walked by as we did the baptism and were able to both hear the Gospel and see a demonstration of its power! Thank you for partnering with the South Carolina Baptist Convention to see the Gospel taken to places in need!